Construction Of Moscow Cremation

Московский Кремль - главная достопримечательность МосквыMoscow Cremlin is the city's greatest sight. It's easy to get to him. There's a few subway stations out of which we can get to Creml. Alexandrov's garden station will take you out as easily as possible, straight to Alexander's garden. There's gonna be a Kutafya Tower where they sell tickets to Kremlin's territory and to the Arms Chamber. You can also go on the st.m. V.I.Lenin Library. In this case, Kutafya's tower will be visible across the road. The Stations of the Revolution and China City will take you to the Red Square, only from different sides. The first is from the State Historical Museum, and the second is from the Poblutical Library. You can still go out on the Hunter row if you want to walk through a single trade row. Just be prepared for unusual prices.

Московский КремльPrices at Creml Museum. Creme's visit is not cheap. One and a half hour's visit to the Arms Chamber will cost 700 roubles, the Diamond Fund 500 roubles, walk around the premises of the Cremlin, with an examination of the assembly, 350 roubles, 200 roubles without the caters. For details of museums and some nuances about their visits, see references.

It's called not only the walls with towers, as some think, but everything inside it. There are fences and squares, palaces and museums behind the walls on the land of Moscow. This summer in the Creme Square every Saturday at 12:00 shows his skill in the Cremlow regiment. If I get out of Cremell, I'll write about it.

The history of Moscow Cream.

The word "crime" is very ancient. Creme or kid on Rusie called a solid part in the center of the city, in other words the fortress. There were different times in the old age. The Russian cities were attacked by unspecified enemy forces. That's when the people of the city were going to defend their cream. Old and small sheltered behind his powerful walls, and those who could hold weapons from the walls of the enemy cream were defended.

Moscow Kreml is the main asset of Moscow

The first settlement on the scene of the cream arose about 4,000 years ago. The archaeologists set it up. There were fragments of clay pots, stone axes and silicon arrows. These things used to be used by ancient settlers.

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