Construction Of Power Plants

The construction of large industrial facilities of various types of use is a major task for the contractor-general, who is required to deal with within the prescribed time-frame, using all available resources and, above all, with quality and reliability. When selecting the worker, it is important not to be wrong.

Our benefits.

  • Long years of experience in building energy facilities;
  • Highly qualified designers and technicians;
  • High-technology logistics base (including its own production of modular equipment and test benches);
  • Specially designed energy-efficient solutions for different industries.

Work on EPC


Main tool for major projects
Construction of Energy Facilities

EPC-contracting is an international form of mutually beneficial relations between the employer and the contractor in the implementation of investment and construction projects, which ensures full assurance of the project with clear timelines and budget limits.

  • By concluding the EBU-Contract on the construction of an energy facility, the ZWEZDA-ENEERMETRIC, is fully engaged in the design, supply, installation and transfer of the facility to the customer, that is, construction of the " key " facility and is fully responsible for the quality of both the individual phases of the project and the final result.
  • The EBU significantly facilitates the project management process, which reduces the customer ' s material costs, reduces the time frame for the construction of the energy facility and improves the overall quality of the work done, and facilitates the process of attracting investment and credit resources.

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