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Росавтодор: финские компании

Lemminen Stroy is a subsidiary company of the Finnish construction site of the Lemmenkinen, which works on road construction, road reconstruction and repairs of surfaces in Russia.

Road construction is one of the main specifications of the construction company Lemminkiyenne in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Lemminkiynen Road Construction Enterprises have been working in Russia for about 20 years. During this period, the construction company has carried out a large number of complex projects involving the construction and repair of roads in various parts of the country. Lemminkiynen regularly performs contract works on road construction in Moscow and Petersburg, including repair of roads and major M-2, M-4, M-11, A-108, etc. One of the main specifications of the Lemmenkinen road unit is work on the organization and installation of bridges and tunnels. Over the years of work in Russia, the specialists of the Lemminkiinen company repaired more than 300 bridges.

Among the projects implemented by the Lemminkiyenne company, a significant proportion is related to the repair and reconstruction of urban streets, including road construction and repair of streets in cities with active traffic, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. Lemminkaynen participates in public transport tenders for road construction in Moscow, road repairs in Petersburg, Leningrad and Moscow.

The construction and repair of roads includes the active use of the unique technologies and products of the Lemmenkinen: Lemmastics, Lemphalt, Lampruf, as well as other literal and bladder products. All the products of Lemminkiynen are very good at both high and low temperatures.

Lemminkaynen Road Construction Enterprises produce more than 5 million tons of asphalt concrete mixtures per year. Half of them are manufactured in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Denmark. As part of the road construction, Lemminkiinen performs land and ground stabilization work.

Our long-term experience in road construction, road repairs, and asphalt concrete mixtures research and development allows new solutions for asphalt concrete coatings. Our research is aimed at the quality and environmental quality of products and services.

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