Plans For Building Houses

план строительства дома с расчетом стоимости этаповThe words " home " and " cattage " are sometimes of different significance. As a matter of fact, the concept of a cottage is a house with the conveniences of a city apartment, but it seems that it is no longer possible to build houses with convenience on the street, so we can boldly put a sign of equality between the house and the cottages.

How much is the house to build? There's a myth that if you've decided to build a house with a big name, a cattage, you've got to have five, ten million roubles in your pocket, otherwise it's better not to start. But to be honest, I haven't seen people with full pockets of money in years.

Modern technologies are easy, from March to November. And then make the winter and spend the summer in your own home. However, practice has shown that the main obstacle to the implementation of such a plan is large financial investments that need to be made in a short time. Of course, no one likes the long-term option, but I suggest a well-designed and targeted phase-building option. To that end, a plan for building the house was needed and its funding was calculated.

This is an example of such a plan, with the cost of the construction phases of a 250 m2 in the nearest Podmoskovje:

In this example, building cost from the brick to date will be approximately 7 million roubles.
The phased construction option provides for the establishment of a private home in three years or five years. Streamlining and planning is primarily the possibility of step-by-step progressive financing, as well as reduced costs associated with the preservation of the facility and safe storage of construction materials between the stages of operation.

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