Construction Of Shoe Houses

Строительство домов в Тюмени

The most popular and most commissioned housing projects in Tumeni are presented on this site page. According to our information, the house projects presented here are the most popular in Tumeni, and our construction company, which is called "bashing arm" on the cottage of these projects. All projects are functional and suitable for future residence. Each client has an order. Construction of a home or a key-coded cottage, there's a possibility of refining and redesigning the immovable object at the construction stage. Our prices are very, very moderate and acceptable. We value our clients. There's a wide range of construction companies in the prison, but from the experience of our company and the construction of houses and cottages in Tumeni and South Tymen oblast, most clients find us our clients and partners for almost all their lives, recommending our company to their relatives and friends.

Our built houses are located in virtually all parts of the city and nearby cottage villages, such as Patrushevo, Ojoguino, Suodolé, Lesobaz, mcre. Toura, Moscow Palace, Bereznyaki, Cazarovo, Zaykovo, Bukovo, Cazarovo, Lugovo, etc.

Lider Project -- total 170 square metres cost 3.6 million p.

The cost of the house is:

- The tapewriter, swai 2-3 meters, tape height 50-70 cm.

♪ Outside walls - yellow brick

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