Construction Equipment

Market-based construction logistics

The market-based logistics system focuses on the network of industry and industry, transport and energy organizations, research, project, training and other institutions, and households. It aims to provide the building complex with the necessary logistical resources.

In assessing the overall situation in the commodity market of construction materials, it can be noted that enterprises and organizations work under conditions characterized by sufficient free business activity, which is established by law: they have the necessary economic autonomy vis-à-vis management and power structures, have access to virtually all resources, are free to choose counterparts in trade, economic and economic transactions, on their own behalf. The available production capacity and production of construction materials generally meet the demand for this market. The lack of material resources for the construction industry, with the transition to a new system of management, has gone a long way.

The material and technical resources of construction are subdivided into production, non-productive and natural (figure 13.1).

Construction logistics objectives:

- the timely provision of the construction of the required quality and quantity resources;

- Improving the use of resources: increasing productivity, revolving funds, ensuring that construction processes are critical, reducing turnover

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