Construction Other Than Security

Кроме того, необходимо

The moderator Rosmoorrechflot Yuri Kostin, Minister of Transport, Crimea Andrei Bessalov, FCU leaders, Uprdore Than and SGM-Most, Kerch and Kavkas port captains, Rosmorrechflat, Rosmortport and other responsible entities participated in the discussion.

In the near future, the approval of no-fly areas in the area of construction of the Kerchen Strait bridge was planned, and the Deputy Minister reported. In these areas, excluding the Kerchka-Enikal Canal, all vessels and vessels other than ships and vessels of the Navy, the federal security agencies, as well as floating in the process of building a bridge in the Kerchen Strait, will be prohibited.

In addition, mandatory orders on Kerch and Caucasus seaports have been amended to define the prohibited areas as approaches to these ports and to extend to them the jurisdiction of the Kerch and Caucasus port captains.

" From this point on, all traffic in the area of construction will be determined by these three documents " , said Olerski.

The meeting discussed, among other things, the readiness of the rescue and treatment fleet to support the construction of the bridge in Crimea. In the ports of Kerczh, Kavkas and Taman, a part of the personnel and vessels of the Azoo-Chernomor branch of the Rosmoorrechflotha, the Kerchen Strait is operated by emergency vessels and sea tugboat. In case of severe ice conditions, a linear ice cream from the Azov Sea is diverted to work in the Strait. Also in the Kerchen Strait there are ice-class tugs of Rosmortex.

As early as the fall of 2015, navigational equipment was installed in the Kerchen Strait in preparation for construction to ensure the safety of navigation during construction and construction. Bui visually warns boatmasters about the boundaries of work outside the Kerchka-Enikal channel. Navigation signs are serviced by the hydrographic services of the Kerchen Sea Trade Port.

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