Construction Of The Kazan House

строительство дома с чего начатьHouse projects
How do you get a project at home?
• Find a suitable sketch project to consider what needs to be refined

Eskis projects. ♪ ♪

Dates and stages
How long will it take to build a house?
Project - 1-2 weeks
Foundation - 3-4 weeks
∙ Heat contour - 3-6 weeks
:: Discharge and communication - 3-8 weeks Prices
How much is the building worth?
1 square metres of floor area:
∙ from the glue bruise, from 1,1,11990 roubles.
∙ from a profiled brace of 8,190 roubles.
∙ from 7,900 roubles.
Carcass house, 6,290 roubles.

Cost calculation. ♪ ♪

Incoste Kazan ' s business is offering to your services the construction of wooden houses under the key, projects and prices of wood houses in large numbers, you will find on this site. We're producing materials to build a house, cuts from a glue brushe, a profiled brushe, a cylindrovanized and rubbered brew. Our enterprise has considerable experience in the construction of wooden houses of any complexity and price category.

Building materials:

строительно монтажные работыPress the picture for details.

Carcas Ocylindrovan


To date, the most used material for housebuilding is the brushe. The leader of the wooden house building is a cool brus. He's gaining a popularity of dry, profiled braces. High-efficiency carcass houses will soon be replaced by brothels.

Ecological and simple modern wooden houses are a great alternative to a warm urban concrete cage.

Construction of the house - where to begin

Start building a house with a choice of house planning. To this end, you must make clear:

  1. Optimal size of the dwelling area of the future house
  2. Your financial capacity
  3. Which material you see your future home

строительство домов ценаThe optimum size is 30 square metres of living space per adult. Determining the approximate size of the house, add value. If you're all right, come to us to start working on the house project.

Projects accommodation wooden houses for construction Under the key.

For starters, study ready projects to build wooden houses. They are well represented on our website. The cost of a home-based project is between 10,000 and 3,000 roubles. The price depends on the complexity of the project. However, we offer our clients a permanent operation: we give the project home to anyone who orders us to make a cut for the building of the house.

We're redesigning and subpoenaing any projects you like. Set up individual projects of wooden houses with a clean sheet, taking into account all technological requirements and modern construction standards.
By the way, according to the client's wishes, we can fully build the house, starting with legal issues on the construction permit, finishing up a ready house on the key.

строительство домов под ключ: проекты и цены строительство домов под ключ: проекты и цены stroitelstvo domov cena materialy dlia stroitelstva doma

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