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In the past 20 years, the construction training system has almost completely destroyed

One of the most pressing problems in the construction sector - the staffing of construction companies - is discussed by the President of the National Building Association, Efim Basin.

The issue of training skilled personnel for the construction industry of Russia has become increasingly acute every year. We need engineers in the project bureau and in the building, who have the most up-to-date knowledge of new materials, technologies, construction techniques and the way of doing business. At the same time, each building engineer must be aware of his responsibility for the work area entrusted to him and for his subordinates, masters and workers.

How can engineering design and design be more responsible construction of facilities? Some responses to this question can be found in international experience in building training.

World experiences

In all developed economies, engineers involved in the design and construction of buildings and structures have a greater share of responsibility for the future facility. The profession of the so-called " civilian engineer " , as it has been referred to in Western countries, suggests that a specialist should have a lot of experience and expertise before he is entrusted with self-reliance on project development.

In most developed countries, a civilian engineer is not enough to carry out drawing work on his own, as well as to calculate the pressures on different types of construction. Upon completion of higher education, such a specialist is required to receive a certain number of years of work in this field and a Master ' s degree in engineering. And only after that, he would be entitled to apply for the status of a practising engineer.

In some countries, such as the United States and Canada, a civilian engineer with experience should be given special tests confirming his professionalism. In other countries, such as Britain and Australia, an engineer must undergo an expert assessment by the engineering professional association - it will decide whether a civilian engineer can obtain the desired status.

It seems that we need to study the experience of our foreign colleagues and consider how it can be used in Russian realities.

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