Newsbirth Construction


More than 188 multi-storey houses, 61 stores, 41 office buildings, as well as three kindergartens and Baptist Church in the Mosquila approved for construction Since the beginning of 2014. The city ' s Architectural and Construction Inspectorate has mapped the city ' s Municipal Portal all construction sites for which a building permit was issued this year.

Mountains will be able to monitor the construction of houses, factories and stores online. Some 580 facilities that were approved for construction in 2014 appeared on the Mai Novosibirsk map, according to the Department of Communications and Information of the Mayor ' s Department.

According to the architectural and construction inspection office, this is 188 multi-storey houses, 107 production facilities, 61 stores and 41 administrative and office buildings. Areas and permits have been issued for the construction of 6 APZs, 35 built-in parking units, 3 kindergartens and 1 building.

We will recall that the first electronic passports of the buildings under construction appeared on the portal on 24 September. The reports indicate the area of the site, the number of floors and the cadastral number of the site. The Baptist Church in the Machine and Museum were seen among the new lines.

OASI has mapped all construction facilities that have been approved for construction since the beginning of 2014 (about 580 facilities):

When the facility is in operation, the building ' s badge is demolished from the map, and the facility acquires a configuration of an already built facility that is linked to information from the management organization, the local police station, the existence of current shutdowns of life support systems.

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