Quarters Under Construction

Any investment in money is a risk, and the more the amount, the higher it is. This is also true: by investing money at the initial stage of construction, the risk cannot be forgotten - the project may not be completed. This danger cannot be avoided, but it can be minimized.

Correct investment in quoted

The only way to do so is to choose a builder with a perfect reputation that has already implemented several major projects. " The projects of such a developer can be invested at any stage " , Sergei Yakir, head of the Azbuka Gilla News Market. Yet, in the expert ' s view, even in that case, there is a risk that is congested with force majeure. The crisis in our country and the vast number of associated " underdevelopment " have taught buyers to be more careful. The expression " investing in quoted money " has appeared in the people, and such purchases still cause many great fears. This is largely due to the change in housing prices as construction progresses.

Единственный способ правильно вложить деньги в котлован выбирать застройщика с безупречной репутацией, который уже реализовал несколько крупных проектов The only way to correctly invest money in the quoted is to choose a builder with a perfect reputation that has already implemented several major projects. Photo: RIA Novosia / Alexander Pope

Individual growth

According to Ivan Tatarinov, the business director of GLINCOM, depending on the project, the cost of real estate as construction increases by 40 to 65 per cent. For each housing complex, price change is individual and depends on the type of housing being constructed, construction technology and location of the facility. Panel houses are built faster than monolithic-kirpic technology buildings: if the former can be built faster than a year, the second in 2 to 3 years, and so the “panel” is less expensive. Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that the most costly housing is growing in multi-family housing units: small-sized houses are built faster, and hence the risks are lower.

Price increases also depend heavily on the development of the infrastructure of the housing complex. If transport and social infrastructure is built with the project, much depends on the timing of its implementation. Therefore, the price differential for the new construction of the Submoskovia before and after construction is the largest.

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