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монолитное строительство

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Monolite building carcas

Montreal - The technology for the construction of buildings and installations from the melon, which enables the building and construction of almost all floors and forms to be built as soon as possible.

The monolithic process consists of the following main technological steps:

  • Heating (in wintertime).
  • Leaving for concrete.
  • Deep deck (deep, deepening).

The deck itself is strong shields of different configurations on which the necessary forms are created. Monolytic work is done using different types of decks, which are determined on a case-by-case basis and the type of work performed. Monolite construction of houses can use a wall deck for horizontal or vertical surfaces, wall crawling, and for the construction of rounded structures.

Montreal Construction of houses The use of a number of carcasing options is the use of longitudinal walls with cross-sectional walls, with closures on non-containing columns.

Packing of concrete mixture[manage]

In large bays, concrete mixture is usually produced by a specialized enterprise, a concrete factory or a knot. In this case, the supply of concrete to the facility is made by auto-betonomers (miks). If the plugs are small, the concrete is better prepared on the construction site with a concrete. The concrete shall be placed in the deck by a crane or concrete pump.

Once the concrete is packed in the deck to prevent the formation of voids and sinks, it must be sealed with deep or surface vibrators. The extensive sealing of the concrete gives high quality of the wall surfaces and reduces the cost of cleaning the premises.

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