Construction Of Canadian Technology Houses In The Shed

Сарэкострой - Строительство

Focus of the Aerolit Group - Construction of houses and buildings from sip-panels. This relatively new technology for the Saratov region and the city of Saratova allows the construction of quality and cozy houses, significantly reducing construction time and costs without loss of quality. Canada ' s technology has been successfully used worldwide to build small-scale houses in any climate belt with any range and on different types of soils.
Aerolit is one of the first companies in the city of Saratov to have built houses and buildings of various kinds of use on Canadian technology. During the course of the market, our company ' s specialists built many houses of the highest level of reliability, comfort and economy.

The main competitive advantages of the Aerolit group are:

  • The company builds houses in Saratov from sip-panel (sip-panel) the highest quality of its own production;
  • An optimized approach to work guarantees minimum construction time for cottages and houses (1 month from the date of the contract);
  • Aerolite produces spaniards from Canadian OSB-3 leaflets.
  • Aerolite builds houses of sip-panel of any area and plantation, and Canada ' s technology allows buildings to be built at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Aerolit is doing a full range of services:

  • Project design and development of all necessary project documentation in accordance with all existing standards and regulations;
  • Manufacture of sip-panels, as well as all other construction components;
  • Delivery of a complete set of materials to the client site;
  • Construction of a home or cottage as soon as possible.

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