Construction Of Finnish Technology Houses

Finnish construction technology This is not only another approach to the choice of materials and designs, but also another logic of house design. Details on the Finnish design principles can be read here.
In SuomenTalot, we were able to adapt Finnish project decisions to those materials on the Russian market, so we are the best place to build a Finnish technology house in St Petersburg.

What's the difference between the Finnish technology house and the conventional cottage?

  • Put the house in a rectangle.
  • One floor is always better.
  • Simple blood
  • Suitable height of the entry group

As a result of these principles, the houses you see arrive in Finland.

However, the construction of Finnish technology houses cannot be without change in project decisions and materials. To build these houses, we use large-formed bricks, ceramsito concrete stones (these materials with additional warming) and energy-efficient Lakka or Lammi blocks. All houses are designed to minimise the sublet and the flow of material. Additional warming allows very high heat resistance.

As a result, the Finnish technology house is functional and cost-effective in subsequent operation. In the Leningrad region, we have already built several such houses and in all cases have received positive feedback from the owners.

Finnish housing technology: how to build and price

First of all, we need to choose a project (the Finnish projects are on our website, and a complete catalogue can be seen in our office). If you don't like ready projects, our architects will design a house under your family. The cost of building a Finnish technology house may be slightly higher than for a conventional house with a similar area. However, further exploitation will cost you less.

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