Construction Of Canadian Technology House

Канадские дома под ключ

Canadian lounge houses

The construction of prefabricated Canadian technology houses begins in the far thirtieth years of last century. That's when an outstanding American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, offered to use three-lay panels to build. Thanks to a successful combination of multi-layer strength and high speed, the new technology immediately became popular.

But the real boom of building houses from Canadian panels started after World War II. At that time, the waves of emigrants came from a devastated Europe in the United States and Canada.Сборные дома по канадской технологии. Цены The problem of their settlement must be addressed as a matter of urgency. And Canadian prefabricated houses have done great with this task.

Since then, there has been continuous improvement of construction technology Canadian Technology House♪ The price has always been low, as has not changed the fundamental principle. That is, the separation of the wall ' s functions into the constituents of a loaded, heating and refrigerating, and the distribution of these between the panels, the main design of the Canadian prefabricated house. In other words, each element of the SIP panel serves to carry out a separate task with which it is best handled.

With technological developments, the materials themselves have changed, today the design panels are very diverse. The materials used by our company make it possible to produce high-quality prefabricated Canadian houses that are twice or three times less expensive than bricks.

Канадский дом. Цена под ключCanadian prefabricated buildings

Canada ' s technology for building houses from the shell is a distinct feature of the rejection of the pre-construction of carcas. Its role is taken by the SSP stoves, which are outside SIP panels, as well as mounted wooden joints. The inner layer of foam panels performs a thermal insulation function. Two important, but not the only, advantages of Canadian boarding houses - the lack of additional comfort and carcasing.

The next feature of this technology is the light weight of the design elements and, as a result, the substantial reduction of the load on the ground. A wall built from a sip of panels weighs about five times less brick. This allows for the abolition of a massive capital base. If you have ever been involved in construction, you know that the cost of building such a foundation is up to 30 per cent of the total estimate. In addition, this work takes a long time.

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