Private Building Technology

The construction of private houses in just a few years has become the most popular construction specialization of many companies, especially in resort cities such as Sochi. Large demand for private houses stimulates constant growth tourists and recreationists who constantly feel the need for a comfortable and comfortable place of residence.

What technology can be chosen, what material will be effective in southern Russia and how to save on construction? This is what private developers ask for, for example, Adler, to build a beautiful, stable and comfortable home.

Big choice. construction technology Very often puts a dead end, because it seems that each of them has perfect conditions for you. The traditional way to build private houses from bricks and blocks is an appropriate option if you build a multi-storey house (more than two floors) capable of withholding false Siberian freezes and resisting strong winds. The brick house is resistant to any climatic conditions and remains strong for long years. The brick is also an environmentally sound material with excellent heat and sound insulation. In the circumstances of Abkhazia, such advantages of brick houses would appear to be always required. However, there is a single disadvantage in all these benefits, namely, construction roads and technology material intensity.

The construction of wooden houses solves this problem and makes houses much cheaper. Houses of adhesive brushe or natural tree can effectively maintain heat and create a cozy atmosphere. However, the tree does not allow for complex architectural combinations, and the energy-saving capacity falls with an increase in room space. However, wooden name is also popular and the number of such houses is constantly increasing.

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