Finnish Housing Technology

Финская технология строительства каркасных домовFinnish carcas house construction technology

The first technology for the construction of fast-moving houses appeared in Finland in the mid-fifty of the 1950s of the last century.Каркасные дома по финской технологии It was characterized by the speed of construction, the ease of design, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, simplicity and high heat and sound insulation. Already, carcasing houses were designed to automate the process completely.

The Finnish house of those times also had mandatory design attributes without which Finnish could not be called. This should be a two-stage double-clothed roof structure with a few tampons and an open terrace. Since then, construction technologies have been significantly improved, and now we can get any configuration built on Finnish technology. But it's always convenient, always beneficial and environmentally sound.

So what is Finnish construction technology, what are the principles of Finnish cabinets, and why are they so loved in northern Europe? Let us look at the advantages, basic provisions and construction phases in greater detail.

Benefits of Finnish technology

Финская технология каркасного домаEasy. Finnish technology means building houses that are sufficiently light to prevent recovery mechanisms from being used in construction. Any detail is raised by one or two people without a special effort. This format allows for the use of light, in-depth ribbons, or bases from the vintage, which significantly reduces the construction budget.

Quick. If the construction of a brick building or building from blocks is delayed for a period of one and a half years, the building of a Finnish technology house is two to two and a half months. This is possible by simply compiling designs and features of construction materials used. In addition, in view of the lack of operations in the construction of " wet " (water-related works, as a component of construction materials), the Finnish technology house could be built at any time of the year, as opposed to stone buildings.

Финская технология каркасных домов каркасная стена

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