Small-Scale Engineering Technology

Дом для жизни

Small-scale housing - These are multi-family houses, taunhouses, doppets and bottttages, which do not exceed in most cases 2-3 floors. The lack of elevators and central garbage disposal is an excellent feature of such buildings. It's home with a light engineering infrastructure.

There are three formats of " malware " :

  • Individual constructions from one to three floors, including cattle and landing. They usually have a plot of land which, in some cases, may be somewhat larger than the area of construction.
  • Townhouses are houses with a small plot of land on two or three owners.
  • A multi-family small-sized building, multi-family houses from three to four floors high.

Various technologies are used in the construction of civilian buildings: lounge, monolithic and prefabricated monolithic; for brick and bladder (on the basis of egg concrete: gasoline, penoqueton) buildings - hand-held equipment, for wooden, rotary wall technology, etc. Rapid (complete) buildings from light metal designs are becoming increasingly common.

Small-scale housekeeping (92 per cent of all houses) is the main type of U.S. home construction. Every year, over 17 million new homes and apartments are built in the United States, more than half of which are small-sized houses for one or two families. The average home area per family in the United States is 148 m2. The increase in the demand for homes per family in the United States is ahead of the increase of 22 per cent in the supply of this type of home, despite the fact that the prices of housing in the United States increased four times in 28 years from 1980 to 2008. Since 2005, housing prices have declined at about 12 per cent per year, and by 2008 prices fell to 21 per cent. The main technology for small-sized home-building in the United States is wooden carcass.

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