Capital Development Department

DirectorCapital Development Department
Rotashnyuk Dmitri Vladimiric

The Department of Capital Construction is a structure that carries out a full set of construction works.

Capital Development Department specialists have extensive experience in the construction and renovation of industrial and civilian facilities, and construction in the city and province. All the activities of the Capital Development Department are based on an integrated approach to construction programmes.

The main focus of the Department of Capital Development is:

  • Ensure completeness of nomenclatures and the maximum possible quality of services provided with parameters defined legal instruments and the conditions of implementation of the certificate of approval of the RO.
  • Direct implementation of the design, construction and renovation of production facilities.

The Department of Capital Construction carries out all types of construction and renovation work, namely:

  • Design.
  • Construction.
  • Reconstruction.
  • Safeguards.

Construction services are an extremely wide-ranging activity, which includes directly construction, production, design, harmonization of work with official authorities, reconstruction of facilities and many others. A generosity is considered to be the best form of construction. But often, the Generator is only an intermediary in the organization of the whole spectrum of work on the site. The Department of Capital Construction not only assumes responsibility for the coordination and management of subcontractors, but often performs these functions on its own and works in an integrated manner. Using all its productive and professional capacities, the Capital Development Department has the opportunity to organize a universal gender unit.

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