Yanao Construction Department

Департамент строительства ЯНАО

The Government of JANA therefore decided to reintroduce applications from citizens wishing to participate in the programme. This was reported by the Chief of the County Division to the IA ' s correspondent, Sever-Presse Department of Construction and Housing Elena Gide's policy.
She recalled that the " Cooperation " programme between the three regions of the Russian Federation had carried out activities, including the provision of social benefits to citizens leaving Yamalo-Nenetse Autonomous Region in the south of Tumen province. Elena Gyda stressed that it was a social payment for the purchase or construction of housing - ready apartments under the Cooperation programme.
" With the resumption of reception, citizens may file documents and applications for participation in the programme before 30 December 2016, Elena Gaid explained. - The local government authorities will then conduct a review of the accounting cases in order to comply with the provision of social benefits under the programme, make a decision and list the municipality of these citizens as eligible for social benefits. The list will be sent to the JANAO Construction Department, and will form a county list for 2017. "
The head of the department noted that those already on the county list had to submit a statement of intent to receive a social payment in 2017 before 1 July. Upon re-registration, these citizens will be included in the relevant list of applicants. Once funds have been allocated for these activities, they may, at the same time as on the list, avail themselves of the right to payment.

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