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The transformation of the region ' s economy into innovative ways, the full development of high-technology-based processing industries, is the only way to accelerate the economic and social development of the Kemero region. The Kusbas Tehnoparo, established by the Governor A.G. Touleeva, has a special role to play in this crucial process.

Determining the importance of establishing a technology technology techno park, Amane Tuleev highlighted its strategic importance in translating the socio-economic development of Kuzbass into an innovative path. Without the development and deployment of the most advanced technologies, particularly in the mining and processing of minerals, the Kemera region will not be able to maintain the high development momentum of the past decade. High technology is the access to a decent future of Kuzbas, marked by material well-being, environmental sustainability and the high quality of life of cousins.

Referring to the specific tasks of the Kuzbas-Technopark phase, Aman Tuleev called for the acceleration of the establishment of a modern office and business complex on the territory of the Length Pola satellite. “Technological centres should reflect the most modern housing complex, the Governor emphasized. - The Lung Pole is a unique federal project, and it will be well complemented by a technology technology technologist.
The construction of the Kuzbas Technopark is one of the department of construction.

In the next 2008-2010, the construction and construction of the facilities and structures of the Kuzbas Techno Park will be carried out. Funding is planned not only for federal and regional budgets, but also for private investors, especially the major owners of the main economic sectors of the Kemera region.

2 July Construction Department Participated in the first swai ceremony under the Kuzbas technopark complex. The first slide was planted on site No. 1 in the Rudnjnic district of Kemerovo, where a sub-standard of 8, 7 mGuth was established to provide external energy not only to the technopark itself, but also to the nearest germs.

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