Construction Of A Tree House

Строительство дома из дерева
The stages of building a tree house.
In many sources, it may be argued that the construction of a tree house should take place in two or three phases, as the tree must be planted for a period that depends on the time of construction. Thus, if the house is built in winter, the negative temperatures freeze the moisture from wood, which significantly reduces landing time. What steps should be taken to build from a tree?
1. In the first stage, a ribbon or tetanus is built. The second option is for small houses with a size not exceeding 7x7 metres. This option could, first, save up to 40 per cent of the costs, and secondly, combined the first and second phases of the building.
2. It is the second one that produces and sets the house ' s cut on the built-in foundation, is constructed and covered by rooftop materials. When the cut is fixed, it is given a landing time ranging from six months (if the cut is fitted in winter) to one year (if the work was carried out in spring, summer or autumn). Well, it's a minimum time, but it can actually take longer.
3. Finally, the third stage is the installation of doors, windows, floor equipment, partitions and internal and external separation.
One-stage construction without building tricks can lead to the formation of cheeks in the walls, but it doesn't frighten those who want to build a country house as soon as possible.
In order to reduce construction time, one step and save 20 to 30 per cent of the cost of construction, specialists resort to special methods. For example, so that the house does not hang out in windows and doors, the top of the windows and door blocks is to be dranked in 2-5 cm, which is sewn and propelled, but so that the landing goes without problems. Six months later, all the holes and cheeks left behind after landing shall be removed and filled with mounting foam. If the house is built from a probe, the cheeks are not formed, which allows the separation to take place six months after the cut.

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