Construction Of A Barbed House

Дом из брусаThe Brew house is a classic of Russian construction.
In any country and even in a small region, there are already common (classical, traditional) approaches to the design of houses and the selection of household materials. As well as the technology and tools for the construction of centuries. In the Russian version, it's certainly a house from the brushe, with sharp horses and cash, ornament. The technology and tools of the domestic wooden cottage, which are beginning from the sharp axes, have been dried for centuries, as evidenced by the monuments of Russia ' s village wings that have come before us and have become subjects of admiration not only of us but also abroad.

Houses from the brushes underneath the key are harmonious, not overwhelmed, and " broken " styles or flowers, as they contain only necessary, functional and beautiful parts.
The house of a low-cost, large, mansarded, “environmental” house will have to be comfortable for all the tenants to taste. The natural brace doesn't compare the block, brick, sideing.
It's also a warm mansard. The tree base is on the bottom-up foundation of the blocks (Tumbčka), hydro-isolated, with a pillow.


The profiled braces are most likely to be produced from a falcon breed and smeared (e.g. his heart).
This bruise is called fully designed and equipped with a chip, a landing head, a warming puzzle. It has a sliphated surface, it doesn't require a trail. Provided to the customer in a form fully prepared for use Construction of a home on the selected project. Such projects from the brushe can be found in large numbers on the UK Domostrom 53 site.
On the internal side, the brushes are shattered, which makes the extra separating of the house from the inside unnecessary and substantially saving the time and resources of the shelter. It also facilitates the placement of furniture, hinged cabinets, staircases, different niche.

Our company is a good choice.

It's not just a commercial call, you can check by calling another company and comparing the cost to our basic kit.

If you choose houses from the belt from the Pestovo, you have chosen a strong foundation from concrete blocks (the number of them depends on the project chosen), a base of 150x100 mm from the bracelet, or 150x150 mm. (not structural, atospheric drip) with stains of 150x100, walls and bulkheads from the profiled braces.

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