Construction Of Gasoline Blocks

фото - как построить недорогой дом своими руками. фотоотчет этапов строительства" Every man must plant a tree, raise his son and build a house " - It's a different expression in different cultures, and it's still relevant because it has a deeper meaning. Everyone who has come to this world has a certain obligation:

  • before nature. Thanks to her draining resources, we live.
  • before the ancestors who have " passed our lives " . This chain should not stop at us.
  • To our children. We need to take care of them until they get on their feet and start doing their job.

We are brothers, hail and Volody Olshanchenko (Ms. Souma, Ukraine).

We already have the garden. In the summer, with a difference of two months, we had our sons, Vanek and Nazar. Now we're building a house...

фото - Строительство дома своими руками из блоковThis is the fourth house we've built. But that's what we do! The house. We build for ourselves and our loved ones.

Why do we need this?

  • Construction at home with your hands. You can save it seriously. As a result, the house will cost much less than the cost of a similar area;
  • Our house is on the ground. There's a garden around the house now. Anything that grows in their own garden can be easily eaten;
  • Our children will not grow on the dusty streets of the city. Children may be less cared for, the fence will protect against the infiltration of others;
  • There is always a way to stay away from the surroundings when the harsh rhythm of the city takes all its strength;
  • Keeping your own house is much cheaper than the apartment (community payments);
  • Everyone around here is the garage, the cellar, the grape talk, and the shackle.

Except for obvious benefits, the house has its own minus:

  • Departure from urban infrastructure (hospitals, shops, schools) leads to the need to have a car, ideally 2;
  • Insufficient ground roads in intersensors;
  • Need to clear snow in winter;
  • Waste disposal;
  • Cleaning of the pit.

We're building a house... How we manage to do this, what challenges we face and how we deal with them, all you can find on our website.

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