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# Rasnodar
The Krasnodar authorities have banned the construction of the Jubilee KPC
The Department of the Architecture of the Administration of Krasnodar cancelled a permit for the construction of a multi-family housing complex at the Harkovsky, 33.
The construction on the entry into the Jubilee microreyon in the area of the Harkovski junction with the Chequis Prospect has been discontinued and the city administration press service has been informed.
♪ In view of the public resonance and the need for further elaboration of the development of the Jubilee Microwave entry hub, the Department of Architecture and Urbanization of Krasnodar, on 29 June, lifted the permit for the construction of a multi-family housing complex at the Harkovskaya Valley, 33 formerly issued by the Cuban Invest Group Construction Company, commented on the main architect.
Urban authorities have repeatedly stated in recent years that construction of multi-storey houses The Jubilee microreion has ceased.
However, public hearings on the adjustment of the microregion were held in the fall of last year, after which the developer started to implement multi-study plans. In April 2016, the construction of three boilers for the Jubilee complex began on the land site.
In May 2015, officials stated that only social facilities would be built in the Jubilee neighbourhood of Krasnodar. Nevertheless, the Red-Dary Company of the Petroleum South is currently suing the authorities for the right to build multi-stage Christmas Park.

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