Department Of Jaroslava Construction


The majority of citizens do not even suspect that their rights have been substantially violated. This leads them to accept, in fact, all risks of non-receipt of investment income in the form of an apartment. When concluding contracts with the developer, it should be borne in mind that the participation of citizens in the construction of multi-family housing units is possible only in three ways:
(1) On the basis of contracts of participation in construction;
(2) Based on housing certificates;
(3) By voluntary admission of a citizen to the FCC or JNC.
If the organization suggests that a citizen be awarded a different contract relating to the financing of construction, aimed at obtaining a citizen ' s ownership of the apartment after construction, this would not only be a grave violation of the law but would also reduce the possibility of legal protection for citizens. Regrettably, many are still at risk by concluding with various organizations that are often not developers, investment treaties, loans, concessions of rights, etc. In this situation, citizens are almost losing their money simply because of legal illiteracy. This is not entirely pure in the organization ' s hands, while the law provides for much more efficient and effective mechanisms for the interests of ordinary people.
It is important to remember that the contract of participation in the field of construction is written, subject to State registration and is considered to have been concluded only from the time of registration. As long as the contract is not registered, it does not give rise to any rights and obligations for a citizen and developer. Therefore, the implementation of the terms of the unregistered treaty will be carried out by the parties only on their fear and risk.
In addition, any contract for participation in a share construction shall contain the following conditions:
(1) Determining the proportional construction site to be transferred in accordance with the project document;
(2) The duration of the transfer of the facility to the participant of the construction;

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