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Dream orders: 2016 largest contracts
Every businessman wants to get big orders. For well-known, solvent customers in electronic auctions, there is even a slight upturn: if on average, up to 5 companies participate in one auction, more than 100 participants can be hit for good bids.
The largest commercial purchase order in our country has been made by the Rhosnift OAO. Its proposed 324 billion roubles for the production and supply of crude oil are now record under one contract. By the way, the same company owns a second and fourth record: a proposal of 261, 5 billion for the provision of satellite oil operators; and 119,4 billion for the transport of petroleum exports. Only the third place was another company ' s " down " : RN-Trans, which is ready to pay 139 billion roubles for rail rolling stock.
It is worth noting that, in fact, all major e-procurement proposals fall into the non-State sector of the economy. The government looks more modest. Thus, the largest price proposal in 2016 was made Department of Construction The city of Moscow, which offered a contract for 24, 5 billion roubles on motorways, pedestrian roads and airstrips. Even the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation failed to make such a waste in a single state contract, which provided " total " 13.6 billion for research and development for the MS-21 aircraft. Only the Ministry of Roads and Transport of the Chelabin Region, which is ready to give 12,2 billion for road maintenance, has lagged behind. All other government bids were " not reached " and up to 10 billion roubles.
This year is so far the most expensive public and commercial contracts that may well be at lower levels. At least the experience of previous years shows other procurement leaders.

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