Construction Of Engineering Communications

Но городское строительство
The Lebedev intends to build a home-based village for large families.
The businessman, Alexander Lebedev, is ready to launch a settlement for large families in the submarine town of Domodov if the State finances the construction of engineering communications and provides social support to future residents. The cost of houses to be built from a tree will not exceed 5 million rubies. The businessman reported RNS.
"Maybe we'll do one eco-population in Domodov for 500 houses. If the government takes over large families, we'll build four-room houses with a sales key to 5 million roubles. But they should be funded. Communications network and to provide some other assistance (fortunate people. - RNS), not just the mother ' s capital,) said Lebedev.
For the first time, Lebedev stated that he wished to build a “national” in Domodov in 2010. " I wish there was a lot of nanoids. I've got a mini-city project in Domodov, where I think I have 110 hectares. I'll try to build him... I'm still building this city. At the worst, I'll just try to get people to buy housing there, say 30 to 35,000 roubles per square metre in a ready-to-place private house with a lot in a built-in settlement. That's my dream, saying the businessman of the Russian news service earlier.

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