Construction Of New Subway Stations

Строительство новых станций

The Petersburg Administration has announced a tender for the construction of the Nevsco-Vasilerostrov section of the subway from the Primore Station to the Savushkin Street Station, including the Novokreska station, the maximum value of the contract is 30, 2 billion roubles, on the public procurement site. Metro is needed in preparation for the 2018 World Cup. According to the documents, the contractor is required to build the stations until 31 January 2018, to complete all the work until 28 February 2018. Applications are accepted until 10 September, and the results of the competition will be summarized on 22 September. Funding limit for 2015 - 3, 5 billion roubles, 2016 - 14, 3 billion, 2017 - 12 billion, 2018 - 497 million roubles. The length of the section is 5, 8 km, including 5, 2 km.

In addition to OAO " Metrostroy " , the " Specialized Tonnage " (STS) " and the " OOs " are usually engaged in a subway competition in Petersburg.Repairs and construction OL and MOP networks.

The representative of Metrostroya said that the company would participate in the competition. ITS will decide to participate the other day after the collective meeting, by the director of Vasili Smik. No response to the request for " Offices " was provided to the PR and MOP. Competitive documentation has been tested after currency appreciation and takes into account the real cost of the work, so the contract is very attractive: in addition to the main bidders, new companies from Moscow are interested, the manager of one of the construction companies.

The construction of the site is worth 35, 9 billion roubles, including 3 billion roubles for technology accession and technology and 3 billion roubles for construction, and was reported by the representative of the CSTI. A total of 14 billion roubles will be allocated from the federal budget, all other costs will be charged to the urban budget, and it will be explained. In the winter of 2014, a tender for the construction of the subway site, including the construction of temporary buildings, mines and boilers, valued at 3 billion roubles, won the Metrostra. Under the contract, the contractor is expected to complete its work by 30 September 2016.

Price is more important than experience

The value of the contract in the participant ' s application is 60 per cent, the quality, functional and environmental characteristics of the subject matter of the procurement are 40 per cent specified in the competitive documents. Companies with experience in the construction of particularly dangerous, technically complex facilities over the past three years are allowed to participate. The value of such contracts shall be at least 20 per cent of the price of this contract.

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