Construction Of Houses In The Underground

строительство коттеджейWood House Group is building a cottage in Podmoskovje, offering a full range of services, from the construction of a sketch to the finishing interior of the premises. The site presents our company ' s trained housing projects. To those who care about exclusiveness, we offer. Construction of cottage and peri-urban Houses on an individual architectural project designed to accommodate all wishes.

Construction of brick country houses - solid and substantive

The brick house is what most often comes to mind when referring to the country cottage, because a lot of people are trying to build more than just a comfortable home, but a real nest that's going to be a century. However, strength, solidarity and durability are not the only virtues of such a house, it is also worth noting:

  • Environmental. Brick brick boiler construction uses material produced from natural clay.
  • Security. The material doesn't burn, it doesn't hurt by mushrooms and moulds, it doesn't affect the most severe climatic impacts.
  • Universality for any projects. The brick allows practically any architectural concept to be realized, and it is possible to experiment with the most sophisticated forms.

Control requires highly skilled professionals: research of the underground on the site, the design of the basement parameters, finally, the choice of the type of brick (ordered, calibre - double, single or standard full) requires knowledge and experience.

The construction of a pituitary cottage is just and modern.

The easy, economical, simple materials are today a real competition between traditional bricks and wood in the construction of bottches in Moscow. The special group should identify the so-called egg concrete, artificial porous construction material, which adds various mineral bonds to the cement mixture. The most common types of material are gas and foam blocks.

Строительство коттеджей Строительство коттеджей

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