Construction Of The House With Its Own Hands

каркасный дом своими руками

The 6-strong portion of the land was not easily found in the SNT 70 km from the MKAD (1 hour on a car from the house) and purchased 500,000 roubles. Only electricity is available from communications.

All the construction work I've decided to do with my hands. I don't see anything in this,

Human opportunities are unlimited, and I prefer to do business instead of talking.

Work by its own hands also resulted in substantial savings (two to two, five times). The type of construction materials used has also been identified, taking into account the characteristics of the construction (in hand). It could have been saved somewhere, but it would have been necessary to invite hired workers, which I absolutely did not want.

So we have a one-stage one-stop. Gasoline house On a flat-blooded base with a total area of 72 square metres. External dimensions 10, 5x8, 5 meters.

Fundation is a monolithic stove with a composite fixture maintained 200 mm EPPS. The walls are D400 375 mm gasoline, outside (10 mm) and inside (6 mm).

Classic flat roof with pulmonary hydrosulation on prefabricated-monolytic closures and solid warming (PPPS 150-300 mm).
As the main source of heat, air heating by a canal air conditioner with a nominal consumption of 2 kW (temperature gradient 40 degrees at -20 from the outside and +20 inside is excellent, with gasobel not yet reaching the predicted heat resistance due to very high humidity).

Applicable to expenditure (this sum has been rounded up to a large part, which also allows for unaccounted costs):

1. Purchase of a delivery house, copy of a well, connection of a temporary electrical support unit, installation of a household, purchase of tools (part of the tools I have left after major maintenance of my apartment) - 100,000 roubles.

2. Land work (more than 200 cubic metres of sand and clay), redistribution of the ground (excavator rental), digging of trenches for drainage - 150,000 roubles.

3. Blind structure: deck materials, composite artifacts (2 kilometres), concrete (20 cubic metres), hydroinsolation, concrete pump lease, steamer, thread solution, tilt solution, finish filling floor, and heeling device 250,000 roubles.

4. The brick cap (resolutely speaking this stage could not be done, but the stove of the blocks on the stove): brick, storage solution 30,000 roubles.

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