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The builder's profession was created in a long time of ancientity when there was a need to hide from the poem and the night. In those times, natural materials that do not require additional processing were used mainly. Architectures have been rapidly developing over time. Nowadays, everyone is affected by the magnitude of Egyptian pyramids and ancient Greek temples.

Construction was rapidly evolving. Here we are. new technologies and materials. Modern building processes have reached unprecedented altitudes. The construction profession consists of dozens of different processes needed to build a quality building. Every year hundreds of residential and office buildings, industrial and recreational facilities are being built in the territory of States. All of this is the hands of skilled builders.

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The builders are conditionally divided into two large groups: managers or engineers and performers.

Managers. This group includes specialists with higher engineering education. They are designing common and narrow systems. Depending on the direction of the activity, the group comprises the following specialists:

  • Building engineer. A specialist who manages construction. He collects materials and searches. It also has a budget count.
  • Designer engineer. The specialist develops a construction plan, makes all necessary calculations. In doing so, it selects the type and composition of construction materials. The project is based on its weight and strength.
  • Communications designer. Its responsibilities are to design electrical networks, sewerage, water and other systems.
  • Geodesy engineer. A landscape specialist. It is the one that produces topographic studies that determine the type and design of the foundation of the future construction.

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