Period Of Construction

width="210"Many companies from other construction materials offer two similar products, such as ceramsitis and perlite. In fact, their similarities are quite illusory, and everyone has their advantage, their quality. We agree that it's hard to deal with differences at first sight - both have thermal insulation properties, villains, lungs, inert... But there are differences, and in this article we'll help you figure out what's going to work for you!

Both products are derivatives. But the ceramsitis is the material obtained from the rapid burning of dark brown glin, and the perlite is the volcanic glass, which, with the rapid heating of the breed, is absorbed by evaporation of the associated water. As a result, we are receiving well-known ceramsital gravies and a broken perlite. Different materials, with similar effects, produce roughly the same effect on their properties, they get their lungs, and their ancestors clays and glasses are negligent and ecological.

There are also different uses of ceramsit and perlite. Keramzit is more suitable directly. construction♪ It's an excellent heat insulation. Perlite is used more frequently for industrial purposes: in the production of concrete, LCM, for the insulation of equipment, etc.


- thermal insulation of the roof of the rolling type
- warm and sound insulation of the floors and closing
- thermal insulation and gradient of flat roofs, terrace gass
- production of super-legged concrete and light keramsito concrete blocks
- thermal insulation and reduction of the depth of the foundation
- thermal insulation of the ground
- thermal insulation and drainage of roads laid in watered groundwaters

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