Ministry Of Construction And Zhkh Of The Saratov Region

Министерство строительства и

The integrated public and municipal services portal has been operational since 2010. Since the launch, the number of registered users has increased to 16.7 million, nearly 4 million more than early in the year. Since the beginning of 2015, users have commissioned 8, 7 million federal, 690,000 regional and 360,000 municipal services on the portal.

A regional portal 64. The number of regional users is steadily increasing and currently stands at over 431,000. These indicators were achieved by simplifying the portal registration process in 2015, as well as by increasing the number of registry activation points. Identity and access to all public services are now available in the Committee on Informatication of the Region, the Special Centre of Rostelcoma, the offices of the Russian Post Office, 45 IFCs, as well as in all social service institutions. The addresses of the service centres are accessible by reference:

As a result of 2015, the number of registered users on the Common Public Service Portal and the official e-service portals increased by 2.7 million. A total of 9,5 million RF citizens (26,000 people per day) were registered.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Saratov Region provides the following electronic services:

With a view to addressing emerging issues in a self-sustaining manner, the Public Service Portal has further developed the Support and Support Section:

Administrative regulations of the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Saratov Region on the provision of public services

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