Construction Of A Subway In A Newsyber

At the end of last year, on 28 December 2015, the Novosibir Metropolitan celebrated the anniversary of the landing of 30 years. On that day, an act was signed by the State Commission on the admission of the subway. But for the general public, the News-Siberian subway opened only on 7 January 1986. Over the past 30 years, several generations have been born and have grown, which do not represent Novosibirsk without underground. The NSA correspondent, who worked on the subway for almost two years, studied the history of the metropolitan appearance in Novosibirsk and, together with the elderly, remembered how the first lines had been built and how the city had changed with new stations.

The construction of the metropolitan in Novosibirsk was first conceived in 1954, when the mode of transport was introduced into the urban development plan (formerly in several alternative plans). However, the real design of the subterrestrial began only in the late 1960s, after the urban population fell for one million inhabitants.

The original project included three lines over 50 km with 36 stations. Since the opening of the metropolitan, all the non-existent lines and stations have been proud of the subterranean plan, which has led passengers to confusion for a very long time.

The line has not become very cheaper, but for Novosibirsk, the years of construction of the subway have been the era of fences. Almost the entire Red Spect was turned into a long boiler. Public transport took place in parallel streets, and then the Silvernikovskaya and Soviet steels for all years of construction are unbearable, reminds the pensioner Sergei Prouce.

By the beginning construction of subways There were no more than 10 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants in Novosibirsk, a 27-fold increase in 30 years.

In addition to transport problems, the construction of the subway has been remembered by the towns of the central alley, which (as it is today) has proceeded along the entire Red Speed. The big trees had to be completely removed. "In front of our house, the shores grew up. And when the building started, all these trees were singing first. "I felt sorry for them to tears," I remember the communicator of Svetlan Albaut, who lived in a house on the Red Prospect. "But on the other hand, I realized it was a chance. Our dad loved the bath, and there's a whole street full of berena's branches - make sure you want to. My sister and I were young schoolgirls and I were extremely proud to be able to give my father such a gift. He's been very digging, too. It is true that the bruises then threw out, swallowing the berena that stood in the middle of the city street is not a very good solution. "

The scattered land all over the city brought a huge amount of dust into the city, reminds me of Alexei Revaquiin's new sibling. And the fences built along the entire line of the next subway have extended the normal path of the city.

Nikolai Ginsberg ' s businessman recalls that the construction coincided with his school at the music school, where he had to walk a few stops, all the way around blocked the construction of the Red Prospect.

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