Construction Of A Home In A Newsyster

It doesn't matter what kind of complexity or class your order will be from which materials you plan to build a dwelling. If it's a tree, a brick or a foam, STARCO will build any house on an agreed project.

In its work to build individual houses under the umbrella, STARCO relies on:

  • The most new construction technologies and advanced materials;
  • Strict implementation of all building standards and norms;
  • Individual approach to all construction tasks;
  • The principle of openness and transparency of the whole building process;
  • Rigid monitoring at each stage and all possible problems in the construction process;
  • Compliance with all modern energy conservation policies and standards.

Our clients always become co-authors of their home project.

It is the client who has a key role to play in the house design process. STARCO architects are particularly sensitive to any client ' s wishes, agreeing on any, even the smallest, details of the project.

Individual design in our company always chooses more than model projects. The company has dreams and ideas that a team of professionals has successfully implemented. It is with individual design that clients are given unrestricted opportunities to realize any fantasy. STAARCO skilled specialists are prepared to develop a medieval lock or a house in Russian style, to build a modern building or to propose a combination of multiple styles. The harder the task is, the more interesting it is.

In design and construction, we take all the details into account.

In addition to architectural and constructive solutions, our company has a complete list of engineering projects. These complex, high-technology and accurate calculations can only be performed by professional specialists.

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