New Technologies In Road Construction

On 31 March 2015, in the town of Sochi, SITECH Central Russia, together with Caterpillar web, organized a workshop for customers on " New TECNOLOGY IN ROAD STROTITELSTE " , aimed at demonstrating the implementation of road construction technology with the use of new developments and technologies, including solutions from Trimble.

The programme has become a master class, during which all phases of road construction have been shown to customers in the accelerated pace.

It all started with the earth-filling device using the ground stabilization technology. The process then proceeded to the laying of road clothes using modern equipment and the actual-time automatic Trimble control systems, such as: quality control of the sealing of the ground and asphalt concrete coatings, automatic marking of the heating height.

Visitors to the seminar witnessed a unique method of continuous asphalting in North American standards, including domestic machines. In the report, the cold regeneration technology with Cat RM500 was shown in operation.

At the end of the demo show, guests had the opportunity not only to examine the equipment they saw near and to ride as operators, but also to receive specialist advice. For example, SITECH Central Russia responded to all issues of interest regarding the specificity of the use of technologies from Trimble, which were designed to optimize the efficiency of the use of road construction vehicles through an integrated approach to the management of the fleet of machinery, a substantial increase in the productivity of the work performed and a reduction in costs by reducing the risks of the transmissions and the mere equipment.

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