Construction Of Olympic Socia Facilities

Интересное. Строительство

Olympic Park One of the main features of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is located in the coastal cluster. The Olympic Park has the main sporting facilities in which hokkkei competitions, conquering sports, short-tracking, figure skating, kurling, and the opening and closing of the twenty-first Olympic Winter Games. The construction of the Olympic Park was carried out in preparation for the winter Olympics. It is located in the Adler District of Sochi City, the Imérétine defensive, the Black Sea. The mountain cluster is located in the area of the village of Red Polan, above the Musimt River.

Medal Plaza in the centre of the Olympic Park during the games, 13 February 2014 The Olympia Park Station Scheme, Ledoba and Fisti

Construction started at the end of 2007, all major works were completed in 2013. The Olympic Park is a series of sports competitions, as well as various sports events. infrastructureto open and close the Olympic Games, to house athletes, members of the Olympic family, to transport facilities and other facilities to ensure the lives of people in the Olympic Park.

The biggest building of the Olympic Park is the Fist stadium at which the twenty-first Olympic Winter Games were opened and closed. The capacity of 40000 viewers during the winter Olympics. The Fist post-Olympics stadium is being rebuilt for the 2018 World football games. Its capacity should increase to 4,7659 viewers.

All the other sports facilities of the coastal cluster are arches for ice competitions. The second largest sporting structure, with a capacity of 12,000 viewers, is the Bolshey Palace, where the hockey competition took place. The Olympic Park is also located: the ice palace of the Aisberg, the small Sheiba ice arcade, the Adler-Arena Crimean Center, the Curling of the Lead Cub, the two large viewing arches, the area for the award of the Medal Plaza winners,

The Olympic Village consists of 47 Corps and is designed for 3,000 people. Athletes, journalists and members of the Olympic family lived in the Olympic village.

Since the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, individual sports facilities and infrastructure facilities have been redesigned and redesigned in connection with other functions.

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