Construction Of Communications Facilities

Строительство объектов связи
Not long ago, we had an opening of the project manager ' s position in the construction and construction organization. We closed it, but the company is so dynamic and active that they now need a second person to the same position.
Enterprise direction: construction of communications facilities (sealing networks, fire alarms, fibre-optic communication lines, video surveillance, multimedia systems, heating, sewerage, etc.), supply, installation, launch of communications equipment.
Project management (quality control, timing, budgets and risks).
communication with the customer (harmonization of plans, deadlines, requirements, budgets).
Management of the project team (brigadiers at sites), collection of data on work done from the sites.
Maintenance of project and technical documentation: calendar plans; technical assignments; functional requirements; financial reports.
vendors Equipment and materialsconclude contracts, resolve questions and control of shipments and deliveries to the construction site
Requirements and conditions of work -
Frequent travel, possible unnormal working day (at the time of project delivery)!
However: official employment, post-primium salary, excellent team.
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