Cost Estimates For The Construction Of A Gasoline House

газосиликатные блоки

Gaseton Wall

Compared to other wall construction materials, the gas-tight blocks of auto-clave training are characterized by a large and uniform capillary of material, which determines their outstanding thermal insulation parameters, as well as breathing capacity.

On fire protection, acoustic protection, thermal insulation of the auto-clave gasocilitate blocks repeatedly exceed the ceramic brick.

Although gasoline blocks are declared as unusually simple in mounting and energy-efficient construction material, their application is justified only with the purchase of an instantaneous brand, such as the Beston, Hess, Hebel, Ytong, Wehrhahn, and strict compliance with the manufacturer ' s specifications, better with the participation of specialized training workshops.

In accordance with the standards for the thermal insulation of installations, a single wall of 400 mm thick gas-blocks is sufficient for the central region.

The construction market now has gasoline blocks of auto-clave solids (Wehrhahnite, Ytong web, Beston web, Hesss web, Hebel web), with small size deviations that can be collected on a ad hoc adhesion.

The minimum heat transfer is different, as the cold zone is liquidated by inter-circtic cement-pest interfaces and, significantly, the cost of mounting gasoline blocks is reduced by an estimated third.

The stoves for the gas cell are sold at twice the value of the normal sand cement solution at 5-6 times the lower consumption.

The exterior separation of gasoline walls should help outlets of water from rooms outside the house. Therefore, it is not recommended that gasoline block walls separate foam, paint steam machines, vent cement and pest solution.

It is important to link the mass of production features and limit factors in the installation of gasoline walls, otherwise, instead of savings on materials, to obtain very cold, wet and dangerous designs.

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