Estimated Construction Of A Wooden House

1. Project home.

The design of the house is perhaps the most important step in the construction process. It is precisely during the design period that all the submarines need to be thought of and, if possible, to protect themselves from underwater stones. To recognize the characteristics of the material and the place for the future Construction of a barbed house Under the key.

For a successful design, it is very important to determine what you want to see your future home.Разработка проекта дома из бруса под ключ You can:

  • Choose the ready project proposed by our company;
  • Amend the standard project;
  • To develop an individual project with the help of our designers.

The draft house consists of three parts:

  • Project;
  • Production documents;
  • A collection document.

The complete composition of the project can be seen here:

In the manufacture of a domicile in our production, the whole copy of the paperwork is WHEN!

2. Slaughter factor.

Our company is involved in the manufacture of a profiled glue brushe and a camouflage:

  • For adhesive bruises, two types of sections are possible: 200x185 (h)m and 160x185 (h)m.
  • for the caliber bruise, two types of sections: 190x192 (h)m and 140x142 (h)m.

The estimate for the construction of a cut consists of:

  • Enrolment and cutting of the brus;
  • The processing of the bruise of fire-fighting personnel (Pirilax-Lux) and Asfor Extra);
  • Processing of braces in protective form (Teknos).

The detailed composition of the estimate for the cut may be seen here.

3. It's on the foundation.

Fundation is a fundamental part of the future home that depends on its sustainability and longevity.
The nature of the foundation depends on the load, the type of soil on which the building will be built.
First of all, geodetic work (ground drilling and sampling) is needed to determine the type and laying of the necessary foundation.

Our company can build a foundation in Arkhangelsk and the arch, as local soils are well known.
Indicators from other regions are invited to contact local organizations specializing in these activities.

Смета на изготовление сруба Устройство фундамента дома Смета на строительство сруба дома Смета на общестроительные работы

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