Selection Of Land For Construction

Выбираем земельный участок для строительства частного загородного дома, коттеджаThe first thing you've done to build your private country house (cottage) is to build it. Now we have to choose the land area to build our future home. A lot of people might think it's not that hard, but it's not really that.

This is not difficult only if we consider the choice of the site for construction very carefully and carefully examine all factors that have an impact on the construction and location of the country ' s home. Only then can you do it? The right choice of land to build a house (his nest)

Just remember the point: cheap doesn't mean quality or good.

On average, the cost of buying a land plot for the construction of its cottage is about five (about 20 per cent) of the budget for all construction costs. Most of the land on the road is affected by the proximity of the site to the city, which means the closer it is the higher.

In addition to urban proximity, the region ' s prestige can be added, which in turn is influenced by all other factors (infrastructure, communication, geology, etc.). So that you can choose the land right for the construction of a future country house or a cottage, we'll see below all the factors affecting your decision.

Land infrastructure Construction site

Now, we'll have more details about the infrastructure in the area of future construction. The land area should not be very remote from the stop (if you don't have your car, or if you do, just in case), shops and supermarkets, schools and kindergartens, hospitals or at least pharmacies, and the rest of the houses. A telephone line and a centralized garbage disposal system are desirable.

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