Engineering For Construction

Инженерные изыскания для

The amendments significantly alter the industry institution. In particular, the Federal Act provides that:
1. Establishes the mandatory membership of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs involved in engineering, architectural design, construction, reconstruction, major maintenance capital construction In the PRA, as well as a number of persons who are not required to participate in the PRA for the performance of the work;
2. Establishes the requirements for a non-profit organization necessary to acquire the status of the PRA;
3. Establishes the standards and list of internal documents of the PRAs that they are obliged to develop and approve, in addition to the non-profit organizations and the PRA (e.g. compensation fund for damages and contractual obligations; register of members of the PRA; complaints procedure for members of the PRA and applications received at the PRA and others);
4. The rules relating to the acquisition of the status of the PRA shall be adjusted; the rules governing the admission and termination of membership of the PRA; the rules governing the control of the PRA for its members;
5. Regulations are in place to regulate the placement and investment of SDS funds in credit organizations;
6. A ban on the payment of a contribution to the compensation fund in instalments, as well as to third parties, shall be established;
7. It is envisaged that members of the PRA will be posted only on the official website of the PRA and in the Single Register of the members of the RIA of the respective National Association of Self-regulated Organizations;
8. In order to increase the responsibilities of the RDF, new constituents of administrative offences have been introduced in the CPA, providing for administrative liability for the violation of the CROs for the submission of documents and information for the maintenance of a State registry of self-regulated organizations, as well as for the violation of the requirements of the law on the construction of documents;
9. Provision is made for the placing of hinged canat roads in particularly dangerous and technically complex facilities (the provision was provided for in article 481 of the Code of Construction, which was in force until 21 July 2011).
The Federal Act enters into force on 1 July 2017, with the exception of certain provisions. A list of amendments that will come immediately will be found on this reference.
We recall that a number of professional and construction representatives, the business community and public organizations have not unanimously expressed their disapproval of the amendments. However, their aspirations have not been heard. In particular, the Speaker of the Council of Valentina Matvienko, parliamentarians and the authorities, was informed. ♪ ♪

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