Housing Permit

Получение разрешения на сооружение жилого дома в Краснодаре Anna Dubyanski is a lawyer for KYAN.

In accordance with article 51 of the Russian Federation ' s Code of Construction, the construction permit is a document which confirms the conformity of the project documents with the construction plan of the plot. This document gives the developer the right to build various facilities, including housing.

Individual housing permits are granted for 10 years. If necessary, according to the developer, this authorization may be extended.

When ownership of the land in Krasnodar is transferred to another person, the construction permit does not lose its legal effect. That is, after the purchase of the land, the new owner of the right to house it if the previous owner has issued all the necessary documents.

I remember that the question of land is crucial in any construction. There is a widespread misconception that a citizen can build anything at his or her discretion on a land owned by ownership. Not exactly. According to the law, the owner may in fact infiltrate various capital construction facilities, including residential buildings, on land owned by him or her, but is obliged to comply with urban and construction regulations and to use the land in accordance with his intended purpose and according to the type of use allowed.

A building permit is not required in cases where you are building a residential building on a land area for horticulture or long-term management, as well as for the construction of hinges and other non-capital construction facilities, the permit is not required for the construction of economic and support structures and for the installation of a garage on a land area for individual housing construction.

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