Receive Construction Permit

разрешение на строительство

According to the mayor of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanova, in the past year, the principles of environmental development in the city have been markedly adjusted - they have become harder and more understandable, but most importantly, they will give the level of comfort that all parties - the people and the business in particular need.

♪ Last autumn, the municipal authorities launched the " Open Krasnodar " project, announced as an annual preparation for the development of a new city geneplan. What do you expect from this project that Krasnodar should finally get?

Open Krasnodar is another panel discussion to discuss issues of concern and concern to all towns. This is a complex title of the project on the theme of changes in the urban master plan that have taken a long time. The reason for this was the inconsistency of the city ' s construction rules with the development of Krasnodar. It has not been taken into consideration before, but in connection with the installation that emerged after the change in the line leadership, we have to take into account all the changes that have occurred. And all further land allocations should now be considered only in accordance with the urban gene.

In addition, many issues were not taken into account in the gene. For example, the activities of the Federal Housing Promotion Fund, the location of the military airfield, which was to be demolished outside the city and had not even been identified in the plan, the organization of green zones, the changing of the city ' s transport structure and many others. We have discussed these issues in various forums and conferences. At the end of May, my report on our willingness to change the genes will be heard at the executive meeting of the Legislature of the Province. Many of the issues that were being addressed in project institutions will be coordinated. In particular, the development of the draft genplan is being carried out by the " Cross-Civil Project " . This work is scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.

♪ A number of towns are usually booked directly by the gene, and not for analytical years. Public hearings often take place formally. How'd you do in the Krasnodar?

♪ We have adjusted many questions because of public criticism, which has largely been initiated by a new approach to the building of the current leadership of the province. Today, if they don't match the gene, they just won't take it until they're brought to new standards. Compared to what was issued last year Construction permits And as much as that makes a huge difference - a reduction of at least half. This is due to the tightening of the permit approach.

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