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In view of the particular complexity of the criminal case against officials of the Arth StroyTechno GS, initiated on the basis of the offence provided for in article 159, paragraph 3, 4 of the Criminal Code (frauding), the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, on the town of Stavropol, has taken part in the proceedings of the investigative bodies of the CCR on the Stavropol area.

According to the investigation, from March 2014 to September 2015, the Director of the ArtStroyTechno Unit, who included some 15 multi-family housing units in the city of Stavropol, concluded contracts of participation in construction. According to the treaties concluded by the Art Stroit Techno, it was committed, within the prescribed time limit, to construct multi-ethnic houses and to obtain permission to put objects into service, to transfer the relevant construction facilities, and the victims undertook to invest in the construction of these facilities. To date, the pre-trial investigation authorities have established 816 dolls who have been victims of unlawful acts by officials of the ART-Techno, who have suffered material damage totalling over 740 million roubles.

For the most skilled investigation, and the Chief of Investigation of the RF Investigations Committee on the Stavropol province of Igorem Ivanov, which has already produced 30 volumes, has been transferred to the Special Investigations Division of the RF Investigation Committee on the Stavropol area.

At present, the investigator will have to undertake considerable work in the criminal case. In particular, witnesses should be questioned, the necessary financial documents must be seized, the victims and civil claimants recognized, and a number of judicial examinations should be appointed and conducted. Investigative work is continuing to gather evidence of the crime committed. The investigation of the criminal case is ongoing.

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