How To Form A Building Permit

To build a house in the gardening, there is no need to negotiate with the supervisory authorities. Here, to build a cottage on the FAZ site, a building permit will be required.

IWS is decorated as " individual housing " . If the site has such legal status, it gives it certain privileges to the holder. In particular, a permanent registration would be possible in a house built on such a site (this is very difficult in these areas). In addition, the FAW sections have greater liquidity and are always marketed.

Who's issuing a building permit?

The minus of construction on the FAZ site is the need to obtain a special permit.

The local administrations of Petersburg and Leningrad province are responsible for issuing construction permits to private developers. Contact should be located in the area where the land is located.

In doing so, a package of documents should be submitted, including land-rights documents, the site ' s construction plan and the outline of its planning organization.

The graphic plan (regulation) contains information on the legal status of the land (land category and type of use allowed), data on the size of the shell, restrictions on use, etc. This document can be obtained from the District Architect.

Don't forget the architect's visa.

Gradplan should not be confused with the design of the FGC site, a separate document that describes the area in greater detail. The chart reflects the results of the survey, the plan for the divorce of engineering communications, the specific location of the future cottage. The planner ' s scheme is approved by the architect of the area.

If all documents are properly processed, the district administration will issue a permit for the construction of an individual housing house that has been in operation for 10 years.

Should a private developer also issue a permit to enter an individual home? This is not legally required. However, as of 1 March 2015, lawyers said that the document would have to be received.

Can the " so-called " be legalized?

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