Red Permit

Разрешение на строительство дома в Краснодаре Anna Dubian is a lawyer from the KYAN Housing Center.

Having decided to build a house in Krasnodar on its land area, which is intended for individual housing, it must be taken into account that the implementation of the building can be started only after a special permit has been obtained. A permit for the construction of an individual dwelling is issued by the authorized architectural authorities on the basis of the owner ' s statement.

The following documents should be attached to the statement:

  • Law-enforcement and validation documents for land;
  • Urban land plan;
  • A schema of a planning organization identifying the location of the future construction site.

By obtaining a building permit, you have the right to build legally. The construction permit confirms that the documentation meets the requirements of the construction plan of the land area in Krasnodar and Kraj. The acquisition of a building permit is necessary to ensure that your home in the future is not self-sustained, does not violate urban land laws and the interests of related land users.

Once the construction of the dwelling is completed, a cadastral passport must be prepared. Cadastral passport is a document that confirms the establishment of a dwelling. This document is necessary for the State registration of ownership of your home. Thus, no additional documents are required for State registration in the form of an act of entry into service of a dwelling. In order to obtain a certificate of ownership of your home to the State registration authorities, the right-holder and right-holder documents for the land area and the cadastral building passport must be issued. This arrangement is scheduled until 1 March 2015. Thus, at the legislative level, citizens ' registration of ownership of built houses has been simplified. At the same time, permission before construction is mandatory.

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