On 8 July, an exhibition of " Legendarians " was opened in the Mosque. 60 years " , in conjunction with the anniversary of the famous capital stadium.
Over the past six decades, the “humans” have become the main sporting symbol of Moscow, became one of her card cards, the space that evolved with megapolis, witnessed and defeated and defeated, and the changes of the ages that surpassed both during the fall and the long-awaited revival. The exhibition will present not only the history of the emergence and development of one of the city ' s largest sports complexes, but also the history of the Lujnik area since the beginning of the twentieth century.
Alina Saprikin, Director of the Moscow Museum: " The opposition will be opened by a panorama of the environs of the 1920s Worbian Mountains, a marshland on the outskirts of Moscow at that time. The first projects and stadium drawings from the 1920-40 years will be presented here. The stages of the construction of the “Losnikov” in the 1950s are next to the major events of the second half of the past century that have taken the sports complex — numerous sparkakia, the Hokkei World Championships, volleyball, light athletics, Olympiad-80, as well as major musical events — the last concert of the “Kino” in 1990, the Madonna,
In addition to the rare photographs of the Moscow and Luznikov Museum collections, the exposition visitors will see unique posters of Soviet time, aphis, stadium maquitos, cubes and medals, and even a wheeler who participated in the Olympiad-80 opening ceremony, a rostrum with which N. S. Hroushkav and the Moscow Studione organized events.
A separate part of the exhibition will be devoted to the reconstruction of the “Logues” and preparations for the Russian main sports event in the near future, the 2018 World Cup.
To the Legendary Men exhibition. A series of guided tours from the City Tourist Office will also be held in conjunction with 60 years " , where Moscow will be able to get closer to the complex and even to the closed construction sites.
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