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Interview Mahmoud Amiraliev, Budni District newspaper, commemorating the anniversary of the election of the head of the Karabakh region.
Mahmoud Guseynovich, you were elected head of the Karabakh region exactly a year ago. Congratulations on your first anniversary.
♪ Thank you. It's been a year, it's time to go unnoticed. On 3 June 2015, I assumed the chairmanship of the district and on 30 June was elected by the Assembly of Deputies of the Karabakh region. The head of Dagestan Ramazan Gajimuradović and the deputies of the region have given me great confidence, for which I am grateful to them.
♪ Most recently, a parliamentary forum was held in the region. How do you interact with the parliamentary community and civil institutions in the area?
♪ The Deputo Forum was another platform for live discussions with representatives of the parliamentary community and the public. We have had an in-depth discussion, which was suggested by the participants themselves. The Forum was held to revitalize the parliamentary community, and I hope that the appeal has been heard. Deputies, I specifically asked to be like this in the full sense of the word, not just raise and put my hands at meetings. If a person assumes responsibility for representing the interests of others, it is not necessary to limit itself to enumerating problems. Ways must be suggested to overcome them and to participate in the process.
The Council of Women added to the existing community associations of the Karabakh region in April. It is designed to ensure women ' s participation in matters of importance to the population. It consists of school directors and nurseries, medical and cultural workers, municipal employees. To this council and other publicists, I have the same call - if you're willing to represent and defend the interests of the residents of the area, please do so.
♪ In addition to receiving citizens on personal matters, you are meeting with rural deputies and heads of institutions. Are there any other activities planned to communicate with the population of the region? Last year, for example, a series of retreats were organized with settlement residents. Are there any other meetings? parnis uhren replicas.

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